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Cat Tales: Happy Homes

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I wanted to thank you for our wonderful cat, and give you an update on his life. Andy, formerly Fred (renamed because my last orange cat was "Fred"), took to his new lifestyle instantly. From the beginning, he seemed so grateful that we'd given him a home, he's been thanking us every since. He's incredibly affectionate, and fortunately craves the constant attention we're inclined to give him. He spends most of his time now watching birds from windowsills, chasing his possum toy around the place, trying to be underfoot wherever we go, and often sleeping with us at night. He's very energetic and playful, and needed an outlet for all his climbing and scratching instincts, so I built him a scratching post, which he knew what to do with instantly.

He's been a great addition to the family and a real blessing. Thank you for doing what you do.

-Griffin & Amy Hammond

Gretchen and Dan:

I just wanted to send you an e-mail to update you on Daphne (formerly known as Opal). She is absolutely the sweetest cat I've ever met! She is such a cuddler when she's sleepy. She also loves to play! Sometimes she is more like a dog than a cat. She loves to play fetch, and she is fascinated by her tail. She also loves to talk--I just wish I knew what she was saying! I am so happy that I got her, she really brings a lot of joy to my life.

Thank you so much for what you do for these cats. It's really amazing! When I took Daphne to the vet for the rest of her shots, they said that you did an amazing job of making sure she was healthy. They were also really impressed with your stitching from her spaying surgery! Attached are a couple of pictures I've taken of her. I hope you are both doing well--Daphne sends her love!

Angela Loveless

Hey guys,

Thought we would pass on some pictures of Salem AKA Bob. He was a great addition to our family, although he does have his odd quirks and his highly wired addiction to any fruit he is an awesome animal thanks so much for everything. We will be sure to get you some pictures of Ranger (which has been re-named to Marley) soon.... Or should once the battle of the titans clams down between the two :)

Jenni M and Joe B

We adopted Valerie a 12 week old kitten from you and we named her Lilly.  I thought you would like to see a picture of her. She is doing great and our 3 year old cat Sandy treats her like her own kitten.

Thank you

Kim McGuane

Dr. Reid,

The kitten who we've named Orion (Munch is his nickname) is doing great! He's really playful but also loves to sleep under the covers next to me at night. My other cat Navi has come to really like wrestling and cuddling with him.

Thanks again for everything, and if you ever need help with anything let me know!

Jessica DeBruler
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
College of Veterinary Medicine
Class of 2013
Wildlife Medical Clinic Team 7 Co-Leader

This little girl came into our lives on 9-19-09 which just happens to be one day before our wedding anniversary - thus the name Annie. She has brought us so much happiness and laughter. We just love having a kitten around again after 18 years with our previous kitty. She is a quiet little girl...she never meows unless it's first thing in the morning and that means only one thing - FOOD. She is such a snuggler and will curl right up next to any of us for a great cat nap. Her favorite room in the house is our 4-seasons room. She loves being out there when the sun shines. She's very particular about her toys - she likes anything with feathers or ribbons on it. We've invested a small fortune recently in cat toys because she just devours her feather toys. Thank you for the work both of you continue to do. You've certainly made a difference in our lives and Annie's!!

Steven and Kristin Jackson


Our family is enjoying Stripes so much. She is really adjusted to our home and loves to be social with all of us.
Thank you so much for finding her for us, taking such good care of her, and nursing her back to health!! We really appreciate
everything you have done for us.

Thank you again for all of your love toward stripes : )

Happy Holidays,

The Engst's


We couldn't be happier with BB and Buddy (once Tommy and Watson). They've enriched our lives so much that we can't even imagine our lives before they were in it. To think that somebody didn't want them, or could starve them or let them wander the streets, is just beyond us. They're such fun personalities. We really do love them!

Both are doing great (about 1 and 1/2 years old now, maybe a little more) and both seem really healthy. Enjoy the picture!

Joel and Amy Brigham



Well we are happy safe and have full tummies at our new home! Some dude picked us up at PETCO in Normal a few weeks ago and boyhowdy what an adventure! We had no probs settling in, acting like monkeys, filling our bellies with bigcat food while the bigcats ate littlekitten food! We jump and pounce and RUN LIKE CRAZY!!!!
We are sharing this house with Lavernecat who is going to be 15 in March, SophiePuppy who just turned 6, Frankiecat who is almost 3 and Donna and Steve. There are lot's of nooks and crannies for us to explore. Many things for us to climb! We spend out days chasing anything and everything, eating and taking naps. Though Steve say's he has never seen kittens who sleep so little! Or who purr so loudly! We purr so loud because we are soooo happy! We have much to do! SophiePuppy the Golden Retreiver is nice but does not pay us much attention unless Donna or Steve or both are playing with us. Sophie is never rough or mean with us but we have to watch out for her giant feet! Laverne just wants us to leave her alone with her naps in the warm sunny room. Frankie was very curious but shy the first few days and now romps with us and plays. We are very happy in our new house. Steve and Donna say we were well cared for by the nice lady Doctor! So we will say good luck to all of you. Believe! There are good homes for all of us! And remember, don't look a gift mouse in the mouth! Happy Cats, Fifi and Monique ^,,^ ^..^

Hi Dr. Reid,

Simba and Nala are doing great.  Simba loves to suck on our knuckles and knead us with his paws like he's breast feeding still sometimes.  It's so cute and heartbreaking.  He  loves to be pet and sit on our laps as does Nala.  She is very laid back and loves to be pet by Sofia my daughter. 


Vittoria Love



Humphrey has been renamed to Dexter and his sister Sophie is settling into her new role as big sister.  The past couple of days I've been woken up to them tearing around the house chasing each other. Sophie likes to tattle on Dexter, and she takes pride in "her" rules being followed. He is willing to succumb to her authority.

We are becoming a solid family, and I thank you.

Best to you,

Hillary J.


Hello Gretchen,

We adopted our cat from you back in June of 09. I wanted to send you an update on our sweet girl. We call her Sophie, but she can to us as Joy and that�s what she truly has been to our family. She has the sweetest personality. She loves attention and a good lap. I've never met a cat that is so easy going and loving. She�s very calm and sweet, but extremely playful with her sister, the laser light, and pretty much any reflection. She loves breakfast time, and will let you know if you�re running late on feeding her. She will follow us around the house because she loves being near us...unless the vacuum is going! When she came to our house we were expecting an adjustment period between the cat we already had and her, however they became quick friends.

When she lies down, she loves to have her little head hang off the side of whatever she is laying on. She loves her have her back rubbed and will purr to show her appreciation and if you stop, she looks at you with quit a confused look and then goes searching for your hand.  I was looking for an affectionate lap cat and that is exactly what I found. She is absolutely beautiful and is has been a great addition to our family. Thank you so much for making it possible for us to adopt her.

Thanks again!!

Ashley Jobson



Hi Gretchen,

I just wanted to give you a quick update on Kokomo.  Kokomo is doing great.  She loves sitting by the sliding glass door, playing with her feather toy and laser light, sitting in her cat tower (it's a little small for her but she still likes it), and snuggling with me!  My family has already come a couple times to play with her too!  She is so playful and loves "helping" me on the computer.  She will sit on the bed or chair and meow until I come over and pet her =)  She also loves trying to knock down the vertical blinds and brings me toys to play with at 5:15 AM!  But today she slept in and had her head and front paws on my arm and I had to wake her up! 

Thank you so much for all the great care you gave her!  She is the perfect cat for me and I can't wait to see her grow up!  She is all set to go to Dr. Bortell in September and things are great with her!  Thank you again for giving me such a perfect cat (I know most people think they're cat is perfect, but she really is)!  Thank you so much for all you guys do for these cats and kittens!


Becca Evans and Kokomo






I included a couple pictures of Chloe (Francesca) so you could see how she is doing. The last picture is of her first birthday.

Thank you,

Kevin Gorshe




I just wanted to let you know that Pierre is doing great! He is a crazy boy and loves to run through the house. He has found a really comfy spot on top of the cat tree and is making friends. Thanks for all you did for him and I'm so glad to have him with me!

Brittany Harris
University of Illinois
College of Veterinary Medicine
Class of 2013



We adopted "Flower" back in April of 2009. She has been a wonderful addition to the family and seems to love being with us. I'm sorry it took so long to send in some pictures but finally here are a few.

Our daughter has renamed her Lilly. So now she is Lilly Flower.




Velvet is doing just fine. She's trying to make friends with our 17 lb. male cat Tinker.

Jack and Nancy Menssen


Dr. Reid,
These pictures are for your website if you would like to use them.

Syman is doing well. He loves his Green Bay Packer's collar. We could not have asked for a better cat. He sleeps in our faces and is always under foot :) He also seems to be getting mighty hefty! Our new puppy Sam also adores Syman too-He thinks he's the momma cat. Ha ha!

Thanks for giving us a Great Cat!!!

Tosha Roberts and Family!

Hi Gretchen!

Wanted to share a photo of Sunny (formal name Sunflower) and Abby (formal name Abigail, formerly Ebony). I was working at my desk this morning and looked down to see this scene. It pleased me that they kept the pose long enough for me to grab my camera They are both very loving and get along well.

Abby is quite the inquisitive cat, and her speed amazes us. She rarely lets anyone get up or down the stairs without racing past to arrive first. Sunny sure has grown! We frequently see her in her 'gopher pose', sitting straight up with her tail stretched out behind her and her forepaws curled up in the air. She has held this pose for more than 5 minutes (though always dropping down before I get the camera.)

Linda Miles



Hello!  What can we say but that we love Payton  A.K.A.( Pater,Tater,Mater,Patey) are all the nicknames we call him.  It took him about a week to adjust to the new surroundings but he is King of the castle now.   He is doing great and already has his favorite spots.  He loves to play in the morning racing up and down the stairs like a bull in a china shop!! We can definitely hear him coming!  Payton is just like you said he would be, a very lovable, easy going cat and we love him to pieces.  Enjoy the pics we sent of him and the kids.   Thank you,  Jaci Lowery and Family



  Just wanted to update you on our our sweet little kitten, Luna. There are no words to describe what she means to us. She has such a wonderful personality! She requests kisses, calls for us to wake up if we're sleeping too late and LOVES to play hide a seek. I can't thank you enough for what you do because if not for you, she wouldn't be a part of our family today.
Thank you!
              Jenee, Laryssa and Amberly



Dear Dr. Reid,

My name is Flint, and my people adopted me from Cattails in June 2008. I was (and still am!) a very strong-willed, independent boy, and I used to think I didn't need people's love or attention. My people have changed my mind; I am now a sweet, affectionate boy who loves to cuddle with my masters! They would not know what to do without me. They think I am the prettiest boy in the whole world. I also love my "brother," Fatty Bolger, who they adopted from a different rescue right after they adopted me (he's the one I'm cuddling with in the second picture). Thank you for taking me in so that I could come home to my family!



Hello! We thought you might want to see a few pictures of Goonie/ Cashew in his new home. He is adjusting fairly well. Our Daughter changed his name to Cashew because that is what he reminds her of! He even answers to it!! He gets along great with his Bengal cat buddy Mouse but still doesn't care for the dogs. He tolerates them at best but getting better. He loves to come into the bedroom around 4:00am and meow to wake us up! He also loves to sleep in the bathtub!  All and all we do not regret getting him! He is a wonderful addition to the family! Thank you SO much!

                             Jeff, Linda and Magin Judd





Hi Gretchen,

I just wanted to send you an update about "Erin", now Esmerelda. She is fitting in perfectly. We have had no problems. She is a very very friendly cat. She loves everyone in the family and cuddles with us all. : )  She loves her kennel, and that is where she sleeps at night. I was rather surprised that she didn't whine or meow at all in the night.  She just came in and made herself part of the family.  She did hide a bit on Saturday (which is not surprising, I would hide too with all the excitement), but by Sunday she knew her way around and didn't hide at all.  Her and our dog Maggie (Yorkie)  love each other, and they sit together often. :)
Thank you so much for taking such good care of her.
I have included a few pics as well.
Leeanne Forshee

I adopted Helo from Cattails almost a year ago.  It's hard to believe, but I can't imagine life without him. The animal shelter thought at the time that he might never be a lap cat, but he is purring on my lap right now. He is the dearest, most affectionate cat you could ever imagine, a constant companion.
Thank you, Cattails, for giving me one of my best friends!
Andrea Alghalith



Dr. Reid-

I have attached quite a few pictures of the kittens we adopted from Cattails in June of 2009. Some of them are from when we first got them and others are as they've gotten bigger. Luna is the black one and is the sweetest cat ever. She loves to cuddle up at night in bed and always ends taking over the whole thing!! Loki (Bubba) is the tabby and he has quite a personality. He loves to be the center of attention and is always "getting on our level" on the counter, on top of the fridge and many other creative places. He is very affectionate when he isn't being ornery. We have found much joy in them and appreciate everything you do to give cats and kittens good homes!

Thank you for everything!
Ashley Fletcher


This little guy seriously THE MOST fearless, energetic, INSANE! kitten ever! I absolutely adore him! From the moment he got out of the carrier, he has been up the walls all night and day. We have another cat that you see in the photos, and as you can see he's pretty big, and Petey just jumps all over him like it's nothing and chases him around. They love each other! My boyfriend and I are so entertained just laughing at this little crazy guy zooming around pouncing on toys and shoes, oh and catnip... not so much of a good idea. He literally was up the walls. I just wanted to thank you for this little nut!

Thanks Again,
Vanessa Martinez



Hello, this is Jessica.  I just adopted Fiji and I wanted to show you some pictures of how she is getting comfortable in her new home!  She has been so cuddly and friendly.  She loves to watch TV with us and enjoys her new toys.

Thanks for much for letting us adopt such a wonderful cat!

Jessica Kelly

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