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Cat Tales: Happy Homes

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Dear Gretchen,

I have finally found some good pictures to send you of "The Boys", Sonny Boy and Little Walter.  Formerly Marcello and Franco. Sonny Boy is so adventurous and into everything.  Little Walter is still a little shy, but he's also mischievous in his own way.  We can't express how much we appreciate what you and your husband do for these little creatures that touch our hearts and share our lives.

 Thanks again for all you do,

David and Rebecca King




Dear Dr. Reid and Faculty,
We would like to thank you so very much for allowing us to adopt "Ashton". We have named him "Sherman" (we are huge fans of The Nutty Professor, with Eddie Murphy, and it was either Sherman or Cletus, LOL!).
We are so happy to report that he is adapting so very well! He has been eating, drinking and even using the litter box. The minute we brought him out of the carrier, he has been having a ball playing with all the toys we provided for him and he is desperately trying to make "friends" with our other two cats. Surprisingly, the other two cats are realizing that he is not a threat and we suspect it won't be long at all before they are all getting along.
He is the biggest sweetheart; he purrs immediately when someone pets him and he has already given us a ton of laughs. After just hours, he has already captured our hearts!
Now, if we can only get him to settle down and take a nap; LOL!!!!
Thank you again!!! We will definitely spread the word to our family/friends about your wonderful operation!!!
Jay and Beth Rubin



Hey Gretchen,

Here is a picture of Willie playing by the couch! He is doing really well and is a blast to be around!! Truly a big joy in our lives.

Ashlee Brickey

Dear Dr. Reid,
Frost is doing just great and we love her to death. She has become a part of the family so quickly we just don�t know what we would do without her. Thank you so much for making our family whole again. She is a blessing. 

Barb Swiskoski




Hi Gretchen,

Here are some belated photos of Bunsen (Luke) and Beaker (Duke).  They have really gotten used to the house.  When they're not chasing each other or a laser pointer.  They have had a ball investigating the part of the house we've opened to them so far, and the chasing/pouncing has been adorable...
Nathan and Mandy Kluender


Hi Dr. Reid,

Lucy's name has been changed to Niya. She has been very lovable! I didn't even have to put her in the carrier for the ride home, she laid wrapped up in her blanket and slept. She made herself right at home. The first night, she jumped right into bed and wanted to lay on me! She loves her toys to death. This morning, she sat in front of the T.V. with her toy octopus and watched "Babe".  It was adorable! Thank you so much! She's the perfect cat for me and Arbie.  Enjoy the pictures!

Brandy Blacet



Here's a picture of Snowball (our black kitty from Cattails) and his friend Tobie (our tabby). He seems very happy. He and Tobie play all day. He's gotten very good at finding all of the lost toy mice in the house. Albite and Marley (our other two cats) are slowly getting used to Snowball. They aren't quite as hospitable as Tobie. 

Overall, all is well and we're so happy to have brought him home!

Thanks, again,

Tasha Dunn and Chrissy Cataldo (and Snowball)



Dear Cattails-

Tia is the most AMAZING kitten!  She was for sure meant to be with us!  We are a pretty intense family of 4, including a 3.5 and 1.5yr old girls.  Tia lets the girls carry her around, play, pet, really do whatever they want and she is completely calm with them!  I can't believe at all how tolerant she is!  She's not a kitten she's an ANGEL!  (I'm sure our 2 dogs would not agree with that, but stories of them will come another time.)  Thank your for our beloved Tia!

Sarah Buttrey




Dr. Reid,

I just wanted to update you about our kitties. Luna (Bananas) is the most loving, expressive intelligent cat I have ever known. I am always amazed by her. Frodo (Moses) is the biggest, goofiest clumsy sweetheart ever. He makes us laugh everyday. He has really grown from 7 lbs when we adopted him in December to 11 pounds! He loves to eat, but he is really just going to be a big solid cat. He loves to chatter and play and acts more like a dog most days, carrying toys around the house and galloping noisily through the halls. Luna loves to tattle on him and has actually has begun to scold him for his behavior. There's one thing that that do have in common and that's how much we adore them both.

Here are a few pictures of the two of them.




Dr. Reid,

I thought you might like to see some pictures of Munch now that he is all grow up and handsome (he will be 2 years old this summer)!  Last time I emailed you were calling him Orion, but the name "Munch" ended up sticking.  It was originally short for Munchkin since he was so tiny when we brought him home, but now the name Munch fits him perfectly as Munch will eat anything and everything and has gotten pretty good at stealing little bites of food from us here and there.

Munch has grown into a great cat with a personality larger than life.  He's always first to greet visitors (and steal food from them), loves to play with our other cat Navi and our dog Fred, and is quite the little talker.  He's just as crazy as we expected him to be, and we love watching his crazy antics.  He's also very laid back and seems to take everything in stride.  We couldn't imagine life without him and love him dearly!

Thank you again for all the work that you do.  I do my best to send any potential cat adopters your way!

Jessica DeBruler


Hi Dr. Reid!

Cody (Colton) here. I just wanted to let you know how happy I am that you allowed Sue and Lee to adopt me. They have the neatest house - I can run in circles thru the kitchen, family room, living room and dining room or I can run up and down the hall to the bedrooms. How cool is that? They showed me where my litter box was and I use it all the time. I don't ever hide anyplace unless I'm playing and crawl under a rug. Then I wait for them to come drag me out - what fun! I was a little scared last night 'cause some kid came to OUR house. Being newly adopted myself I thought they were going to adopt him too. So I just let him play with me, tease me a little and even sat on his lap for half-an-hour. Turns out he is their grandson and was just spending the night. But I will be seeing a lot more of him which will be fun.

All I hear is praise about how good a boy I am. It must be the way I was raised 'cause all I want to do is play, cuddle, purr, be social and be under the feet of my new family. I think I must have been loved at my other house 'cause I sure am loved here. They say I am "a gift from God".

I hear that next week I'm going to have my front claws removed. I don't know what that means but it must be a good thing 'cause I don't think my new family would ever do anything to hurt me. I am one happy boy!!!

Later, Cody   



I adopted Ty (now named Danger) from you a few months ago and I wanted to let you know that my family and I completely love him. He's been a wonderful addition and we couldn't be happier with him. Thank you for all your help.

-Taylor Nichols

Good Morning Gretchen,
I just wanted to let you know that Magnolia is doing so well.  We changed her name to Flip and I think it suits her personality.  The family fell in love with her from the minute she came into our home. She loves to cuddle and purrs constantly.  She will definitely be a spoiled baby.  She was a little hesitant at first to interact with Ace (mini Australian shepherd) but now they are the best of friends.  King (BIG golden retriever) is so anxious to play with her but she is still too small. 
I wholeheartedly thank you and hope that you know that she got a really great home.  We love her dearly.  I will be getting ahold of you around the end of the month for her vaccines.
Have a good day!
Jeanette, Greg, Tyler, and Kenzie Jepsen






Hi Dr. Reid,

I just wanted to let you know how much fun we are having with our 2 new kitties!  Joker and Daffodil are now Nick and Nora, and they are just a bundle of energy!  They are doing great and are our constant entertainment.  They settled in right away, used the litter box with no problems, eat well, play hard, and zonk out regularly!  We are so happy to have them in our home.

Thanks for all you did to help us get these wonderful additions to our family!

Jane Randall


Hey Gretchen,
      I am sending a few pictures of Willie. One of them is when he was little. Another he is getting bigger and more brown. I think he is too cute. I hope all is well! Thanks again for everything you did for us and Willie. He loves his home!

Ashlee Brickey